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Jennifer Lafountain joined us again this week for #PauseForPaws, and she brought along royalty with her!

King George is a hefty 4-year old american longhair and a undisputed descendant of the kings of the jungle. Despite his larger size, he wants nothing more than to snuggle up in your lap and hang out there as long as possible.

If King George sounds like your kind of cat, or if you’re in the market for another kind of feline friend, head on over to Heritage Humane and help support them as they protect the homeless pets in our area.

Special thanks to Mermaid Books for sponsoring #PauseForPaws!

Maureen Anderson of Tasha's Own hosts The Mother Vine where she takes an entertaining and alternative look at farming and agriculture.  This week Maureen interviews her younger-middle daughter, Ainslie, and talks about growing up on a farm, a rising passion for baking, and her foray into the world of sourdough pastries.

This week on #SuperSoundShowcase we had the perfect musician in the studio to keep our spirits high during this chilly weather, Kris Scott!

He came in to play us a few songs off of his newest album that has just released, “By the Fire”!

If you like what you hear of Kris’ music, check out his website.

Tune in on Thursdays at 3:15 pm and listen to WMBG Super Sound Showcase hosted by Robert Hodge and sponsored by CultureFix.

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Logic will get you from point A to point B. Imagination and hard work will take you everywhere else.

— Albert Einstein