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Our friend Jennifer Lafountain stopped with Haus this week when we took a #PauseForPaws.

Haus is a big, lovable walker hound who is currently undergoing treatment for heart worms, but is looking for a wonderful home once he’s finished with his treatment.

If Haus seems like the furry friend for you, or if you’d like to support those who care for our local homeless pets, head on over to Heritage Humane Society.

Special thanks to Mermaid Books for sponsoring #PauseForPaws!

Jennifer Lafountain joined us again this week for #PauseForPaws, and she brought along royalty with her!

King George is a hefty 4-year old american longhair and a undisputed descendant of the kings of the jungle. Despite his larger size, he wants nothing more than to snuggle up in your lap and hang out there as long as possible.

If King George sounds like your kind of cat, or if you’re in the market for another kind of feline friend, head on over to Heritage Humane and help support them as they protect the homeless pets in our area.

Special thanks to Mermaid Books for sponsoring #PauseForPaws!

This week Jennifer Lafountain from Heritage Humane Society came in the curious calico Milky Way!

Milky Way is very friendly, and when he wasn’t exploring every nook and cranny in the WMBG studio, he was nuzzling up to everyone for pets.

If Milky Way sounds like the perfect new companion for you, head on over to Heritage Humane!

Special thanks to Mermaid Books for sponsoring #PauseForPaws!

This week we took a #PauseForPaws when Jennifer Lafountain came in with the wonderful Dolly!

Dolly is very sweet and completely blind! She was formerly a stray, about six years old, and is just looking for the chance to come home to a loving family.

If Dolly sounds like the perfect pet you’re looking for, or if you still want to search, head over to Heritage Humane Society! Special thanks to Mermaid Books for sponsoring #PauseForPaws!

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