Here are a few comments from some of our loyal listeners. Thank you so much for your thoughts and comments! We truly appreciate feedback from our valued listeners. Feel free to submit your own comments to us via e-mail.

  “I can’t tell you how happy I was to find your station!!!  All the songs I love and that mean something to me and that I don’t have to grit my teeth waiting for one to be over, what an absolutely refreshing change!!!  It’s almost as if you tailored the music just for me, WAW!! Keep up the good work and please don’t change!!”
— Jakki February 28, 2015

  “When visiting family in the Williamsburg area, we like listening to the music on AM740. Now we can listen to the same music on the computer in our home in Chesterfield, VA. We don’t have a radio station here that plays “good” music from the 40s and 50s. Thank you.”
— Frances P October 23, 2011

  “I would like to thank you for the outstanding public service you provided. Your radio broadcasts were the one place where people without electrical power could learn about activities, services, ice and water distribution, and the like for the Williamsburg area. Thank you very much!”
— Donald M August 31, 2011

  “I just want to thank you for your excellent coverage of hurricane Irene. I am a widow living in the city of Williamsburg and it was most comforting to have you on the air giving us as much information as you could get. I keep AM 740 on on my car radio. I had the station on 24/7 from 8:30 pm on Friday until 6:15 Monday. Again, thank you for being there for us.”
— Anne August 30, 2011

  “We discovered your station while in Williamsburg. We couldn’t wait until we got home to see if you indeed did stream on the internet. You do and we are faithful listeners. Great station! Great music! Check out, if you can, Jack Ellsworth’s Memories in Melody radio show on WALK-AM 1370 in Patchogue, NY.”
— Michael R July 30, 2011

  “Although I am involved in radio of my own here in Mad HTs and Farmville.. I listen to WMBG quite a bit online and always when I am in Williamsburg (about twice a month).  I have to say that WMBG is a station with TRUE class!!  It’s got the best selection of music that I have ever heard..a MOST unusual mix…but it works!!  My wife and love it…you guys have a real treasure there in Williamsburg  with WMBG!   Keep up the great work!”
–Dave C April, 30, 2015