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James Cameron
Wake Up Call
Weekdays 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM
James Cameron
James Cameron attended Queens College in New York. He studied in his late teens and early twenties with the Everyman theater ensemble. Mr. Cameron has over twelve years of on-air radio broadcasting experience and has worked with stations in New York, Philadelphia, Maryland, Virginia and Georgia. He has also worked for The Colonial Williamsburg Corporation as a storyteller and farm interpreter for the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation.

Philip Newbery
Morning Melodies
Weekdays 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM

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Philip NewberyPhilip Newbery is originally from Axminster, Devon, in England, and has been living in Williamsburg since 1995.  He met and married his wife, the former Brook Levitt, in 1998. He has 3 grown daughters and 3 grandchildren, all living in England. In addition, to having lived in a musical environment at home in England, he performed in regional theater there, as well as in the local Operatic Society, in non-musical roles.  In that vein, he has recently been involved with the Williamsburg Players, assisting in the building of sets for productions, and hopes to become involved as an actor. For the last several years, Philip has been the road technician for the Smith-Wade Band, of Williamsburg, which has kept him up to speed considerably in the world of music. He is the owner and operator of Philip Newbery Contracting, in Williamsburg, where he does home repairs and some remodeling and is himself a very fine carpenter.

Peter Natale
Strolling Down Memory Lane
Weekdays 10:00 am – 4:00 PM

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Peter Natale is originally from the Big Apple, New York City. He makes Newport News his home with his daughter and grandson. Peter’s background is varied in materials management, purchasing and scheduling. He brings to WMBG both on-air and club D.J. experience. The early 90s saw Peter involved in country music radio and nightclubs, bringing the “new country” sound to the Pontiac and Rochester Hills area in Michigan. He is very active in the theatre arts in the Hampton Roads area, both acting and directing for various area theaters.

Adam Richards
The Drive Home
Weekdays 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM


Adam comes from Canton/Akron, Ohio, where he excelled in sports and played football at Kent State. After meeting his wife, Sara, at a medical convention, he moved to Austin Texas. Not able to handle the heat and missing his seasons, Adam and his family moved to Deltaville, VA where Adam has been a high school football coach as well as playing semi pro football with the Virginia Crusaders and winning a national championship. Adam is also a youth pastor at Vision Church in Chesapeake, VA.

Vinetta Robinson
Sunday Morning Services

Vinetta R.

Vinetta graduated from Florida A & M University in 1971. For 19 years she worked at Bankers Trust in New York City in the Funds Transfer Department as an auditor & officer. Currently, Vinetta is a Bank Manager for the Hampton branch of Old Point National Bank. She has worked for WMBG as a Gospel and Religious Broadcaster since 1987.

Jeff Rollins

Jeff Rollins has hosted our Adult Standards morning show since 1991. Prior to joining us he was a popular air personality at KFOG and KNBR in San Francisco, KFWB in Los Angeles. His witty outlook entertained audience is Sacramento, Washington DC, and Charleston WV.

Carl Hampton

Carl HamptonCarl Hampton has been fascinated by lights and buttons since he was a little kid. With over 25 years experience, Carl has worked as a television soundman, operations manager, and radio personality. He is a big animal lover.  In addition to his 2 dogs, cats, and turtle, Carl has a bearded dragon named Spike. Carl’s guilty pleasure is Star Trek. It must be all those lights and buttons.

John Gleason

John Gleason began his broadcast career long before the enlightened age of digital sound when records and reel-to-reel tapes were the order of the day; a time his children refer to as the Jurassic Age of radio. Having worked in stations from the Rocky Mountains to the East Coast, John gets a special thrill as part of the team that brings you “America’s Best Music”

Wayne Yaffee

Wayne spent many years as a professional musician (known to most of his old friends as “Buffalo”) in recording studios and nightclubs. Wayne’s radio career includes on-air personality, news reporter, talk-show host, sports guy, commercial producer, and parody songwriter.

Pat McNulty

Pat McNulty has been a radio & television broadcaster for thirty years. In his youth he worked as a ranch hand, a groom at a racetrack, a tile setter, and a drywall stocker. “I decided it was a lot easier to lift records than drywall. Although, my experience with horses and their stables hasn’t changed much; I still shovel stuff, just in a different way.” Pat is also the author of Great Music Radio.com, a critically acclaimed novel that was published in 2012. “If you like radio, music, or history, you’ll like my book. If you like a lot of bad jokes you’ll LOVE my book.”

Steve Cassidy

Steve got started in radio to work his way through college. He’s been…uh…”working on that degree” in radio for the past 25 years! When he’s not cookin’ on the radio he loves to be in the kitchen cookin’ up something for his wife & two perfect kids. One day Steve hopes to win the lottery and take the winnings to Vegas to double them.

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