Advertising Packages

We can create any package based on any budget! Below we have our standard packages and pricing listed, along with what they entail. For more information, call us at 757-229-7400
Package One (Good)
  • Each 30-second ad played Run of Station is $15 per spot

  • Each 60-second ad played Run of Station is $20 per spot

  • Early termination of any contract with discounted pricing, will result in a bill for the standard rate from inception of contract

Package Two (Better)
  • 1-Month Package: 20% off per spot rate: $12 per 30 second ad x 96 ads = $1152 per month

  • 2-Month Package: 34% off per spot rate: $10 per 30 second ad x 96 ads = $960 per month

  • 3-Month Package: 47% off per spot rate: $8 per 30 second ad x 96 ads = $768 per month

Package Three (Best)
  • 57% off per spot rate = $6.50 per 30 second ad x 96 ads

  • Only $624 per month with a six-month minimum (Net)

  • Pay for 1 month in advance and get fill and a coupon on for free!*

*Each Ad is on 3 Venues: FM, AM, and Online!

What Our Clients Are Saying

“We have been serving Williamsburg for over 60 years and we’ve been advertising on FM 93.5 The Burg & WMBG AM 740 for a long time because we know it works for us.  While many lifelong residents know about us, reminding them of all we have is important and telling the new-comers to Williamsburg about our special charm is also important.  WMBG Radio helps us do both and we find it to be a great investment. Our customers tell us they hear our ads and come in to eat.” 

—  Maxine Williams, Old Chickahominy House

* Package pricing is subject to change without notice

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