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Jennifer joined us again this week as we took our #PauseForPaws! With her was the graceful and gorgeous Stevie, an older cat with the most beautiful white fur.

Stevie loves snuggling up in a lap or lazing about in the sun. She’s a perfect pet for those who don’t want a hyper-energetic friend that always wants to run around.

If Stevie sounds like your new furry friend, or if you want to help out during this kitten season with fostering, adopting, or donating, head on over to Heritage Humane Society!

Special thanks to Mermaid Books for sponsoring this #PauseForPaws.

Blossom is the absolute sweetest pup who joined us, along with Jennifer, from Heritage Humane for our #PauseForPaws!

If you’re looking for a way to help our local homeless pets, there’s no way better than by heading on over to the Heritage Humane Society and donating, volunteering, or adopting one of the great pets like Blossom who are looking for new homes.

Special thanks to Mermaid Books for sponsoring this #PauseForPaws.

If you missed us live yesterday, we had the incredible Logan Parsons on for this week’s #SuperSoundShowcase!

Logan stopped in to play us some classic hits from Elton John, Carol King, and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Tune in on Thursdays at 3:15 pm and listen to WMBG Super Sound Showcase hosted by Robert Hodge and sponsored by CultureFix.

Our weekly #PauseForPaws has come and gone, but you can catch what you missed right here! Jennifer stopped by with the laidback Charlie and told us all about the happenings at Heritage Humane. Charlie is a very sweet boy looking for his forever home. He’s really chill, likes to curl up on laps, and he’s friendly with other cats. If Charlie seems like the new best friend you need, or if you want to help support our local homeless pets, head on over to the Heritage Humane Society. Special thanks to Mermaid Books for sponsoring this #PauseForPaws.

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